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PShell Script: Extract All GPO Set Passwords From Domain

This script parses the domain’s Policies folder looking for Group.xml files.  These files contain either a username change, password setting, or both.  This gives you the raw data for local accounts and/or passwords enforced using Group Policy Preferences.  Microsoft chose to use a static AES key for encrypting this password.  How awesome is that!

The password is encrypted once with AES  in CBC mode at 256 bits.  The key used is:

4e 99 06 e8 fc b6 6c c9 fa f4 93 10 62 0f fe e8 f4 96 e8 06 cc 05 79 90 20 9b 09 a4 33 b6 6c 1b

A big thank you to my friend Keith B who helped me with tips for the PowerShell code.  I definitely do not have a background working with PS and learned some cool things along the way.

This script was modified from original work by Chris Campbell as noted in the comments.

Update:  21 Oct 2012:  With feedback from Piet Carpentier (@DFTER) and ‘Joe’ I’ve modified the decryptPassword function to correct an issue where the string was sometimes too long or not returned which was returning as a failed decryption rather than a missing string or incorrectly decoded string.  Thanks guys!

Update:  14 Dec 2012:  Reviewed this and found a couple things I could fix or improve on.  The functions return better information and I fixed a bug that caused decryption failures in some cases.

Running this script:

  • Run it against the current domain to find everything:
    • PS C:\> .\GPO-Passwords.ps1
  • Run it against a local copy of a Groups.xml file:
    • PS C:\> .\GPO-Passwords.ps1 -local .\Groups.xml

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