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Shell Script: Use Twitter and Bing to Generate Wordlists

There are some great wordlists out there for sure… but a targeted wordlist that fits with the subject of the target site/database can prove to be much more effective.  Joshua Dustin posted to his blog recently about this and I thought this was an excellent idea and wanted to take it a little bit further.  This script adds some automation to his idea and also adds a word-grab from Bing as well.  Since it’s a little more modularized in this script it’ll be easy to add other word sources.  I’ll be adding more soon once I have additional time to do so.  Please check out his post for further information on why this type of wordlist generation can be so effective.  He does a great job explaining it.

I have a few other things in the works I had intended on releasing sooner (rather than another post based on someone else’ idea) but those scripts are getting near-daily updates due to the fact that I’m using them constantly.  One just got a roughly 20x speed boost today thanks to some command-line option changes.  Don’t worry, though, they’re worth the wait!  Now, on to the code;

Running this script:

  • Run it using as many keywords as you’d like to scrape off the web:
    • # ./ your keywords go here

More Information:

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