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Bring on the code

I suppose it’s now been two years since I last noted I was going to be updating things. If only I had known then what was coming… ah well.

I’ve been developing and writing code in a devops role for a while now and unfortunately this role came along with some restrictions in what I could share and post online. It has been a great time and has helped me grow significantly both as an engineer and as a developer. I’ve worked with some brilliant people and made some great friends.

That chapter is now coming to a close and it’s time for something new. I’m moving to a new role with new challenges and in a completely different market. A welcome change, along with the challenges, is the ability to contribute and share once again. As I find, modify, or create new tools or toys they should start appearing here rather sitting quietly in ~/code/ on my machine. I can’t wait to show you some of the neat things that have been lurking in that folder.


Bring on the code.

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